Private Lender 

Loan amount from 2 Million to 100+ Million

See our terms and conditions.

  • 100% LTV Financing.
  • 5% Interest
  • The loan term is 2 years to a maximum of 15 years.
  • Non-recourse loan
  • No prepayment Penalty,
  • Lender file a UCC filing for business/LLC or a note and deed of trust against your LLC real estate.
  • 7 Success Points
  • No UPFRONT FEES REQUIRE FOR THE LOAN APPLICATION! All fees paid at closing. (closing cost)
  • It’s required that the borrower makes an escrow commitment deposit of 15% for loan requests, and 20% for international borrowers, prior to funding as commitment and readiness, and not shopping around. No exception!
    Note: This Payment can be added to the loan amount after closing.
  • We fund startup Businesses.

Industries Served, but not limited.

  • ​Cannabis/CBD/Hemp
  • Commercial acquisitions financing
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Expansion
  • Personal
  • Payment Services
  • Constructions New/rehab
  • Money/currency/exchanges/Gold Mines
  • Equipment financing
  • Medical/Health care provider
  • Other NON BANK Projects
  • ETC>>>>
  • We lend based on project strength and your business ability to be bankable.
  • We do construction and rehab loans.
  • Loan Closing ranges from 30 days to 45 days being the average.
  • If the deal is attractive we can fund worldwide overseas, min $2million.
  • The minimum loan amount is $2m with a max of up to $500+ million dollars.

Information for loan qualification

  1. New Borrower application (Signed and Completed)
  2. If a Purchase, “Signed Offer TO Purchase”
  3. Minimum 500 Credit / Complete Credit Report
  4. Business and Personal Financial Statement
  5. POF for Fund for Closing Costs
  6. Valid State Issued ID/DL
  7. Pro Forma / Use of Funds

If you’re interested in moving forward request a loan application form for you to fill out and send back to us, you’ll need to provide us with an Executive Summary, Pitch deck, 5 years pro forma, and all other necessary information for consideration, we reserve the rights to select with whom we do business.